How to Tell When You Need a Glass Shower Door Replacement

Glass shower doors are now the must-have design item for bathrooms around the country. Durable, stylish, and resistant to germs and mold, glass shower doors provide your bathroom with a flawless, modern look. But just like any other feature in your home, your glass shower doors will eventually need replacement. Here we look at the signs you need glass replacement for your shower doors.

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You Have the Wrong Type of Glass

According to building codes, you must have strengthened or tempered glass for doors and windows in bathroom areas where the glass is within 60 inches of the floor or tub. Having a non-tempered glass in bathrooms is extremely dangerous, not to mention in violation of building regulations, and could put you and your family at risk of severe injury. Replace shower glass with tempered or strengthened options using a professional glass company for optimum safety.

Chipped or Cracked Glass

Chipped and cracked glass shower doors look shabby and can be dangerous as well. The scratched and broken glass is weaker than intact glass even if it’s tempered, meaning it could shatter and crumble at any moment. Chipped and cracked glass can also have sharp edges placing you at risk of injury. Shower door glass replacement is the best option for chipped and cracked glass doors.

Shattered Shower Doors

Of course, if your entire glass shower door is shattered, you will want to get a glass door replacement as soon as possible. Even tempered glass can be dangerous when shattered, not to mention hazardous, and if your shattered glass shower doors weren’t tempered, the broken glass shards could be extremely dangerous.

How-To-Tell-When-You-Need-A-Glass-Shower-Door-Replacement-BodyLeaky Glass Shower Doors

The whole purpose of a glass shower door is to protect the surrounding surfaces of your bathroom from water, so if your shower door is leaking, you’ll want to replace it as soon as possible to prevent water damage and slippery floors. Leakage can occur in both framed and frameless glass shower doors, which could be due to the sealant wearing out, issues with the door closing or problems with the glass.

Stained or Rusty Glass Shower Doors

For old glass shower doors with metal frames, water exposure can cause rust, staining, and discoloration over time. The disclosure of the water can mean your glass shower door will always look dirty, and the rust may also freeze the hinges on your door. Replacing the door, perhaps choosing a frameless shower door option, ensures your bathroom looks spotless and attractive once again.

Discolored or Unattractive Glass

Upgrading your glass shower door to a newer, more attractive and modern version is a great reason to replace your shower door. Older shower doors can become streaked or foggy over time, or if you have a very Victorian glass shower door, the glass design or style may be dating your bathroom. Upgrade your glass shower doors to modern frameless glass doors with crystal clear finishes and modern lines.

Don’t let old, damaged, or dirty glass shower doors ruin your bathroom experience. Replace worn-out doors with new framed or frameless glass shower doors to transform your bathroom with a fresh, clean and modern look.


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