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Pleasanton Glass Co. offers beautiful replacement windows in a variety of sizes, designs, and thickness to suit all tastes and needs.


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All new windows from Pleasanton Glass Co. are double-paned, which means they offer better insulation and outside noise reduction. Their high insulation in particular makes double-paned windows especially energy efficient. Perfect for fixed windows, operable windows, and overhead glass (for skylights), this type of window traps insulating gas between two low-emissivity coated glass panels for optimal interior temperature regulation and better energy savings.

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Pleasanton Glass Co. windows are made with state-of-the-art technology created to ensure energy efficiency. The materials used are both durable and energy-efficient, earning them a passing ENERGY STAR rating.

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All our replacement windows are cost-efficient and visually pleasing, which means you won’t have to worry about compromising aesthetics for quality. Replacing old, low-quality windows with ones of superior craftsmanship is an investment well worth the cost.



Sometimes windows don’t need to be replaced entirely. Sometimes they just needs a few minor, expert repairs to make them good as new again. With 50 years’ worth of experience in repairing and reinstalling windows, we are proud to say we have established a solid, systematic technique that works every time. We can guarantee seamless maintenance and reconstruction that will never affect exterior aesthetic.


When it’s easier and more cost-efficient to simply replace the old window but not the window frame, Pleasanton Glass Co. offers high-quality retrofit windows that can seamlessly slip into place. Using the latest techniques and utilizing modern replacement window technologies, we can easily merge the old with the new—without compromising on security, energy efficiency, or installation quality issues.


Do you have a mirror in need of repair or replacement? With over 50 years experience, we guarantee our work, aiming to over-deliver on quality service every time. Pleasanton Glass Company would love to come in and provide you with a free in-home estimate on your mirror project!


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