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Invest in comfort and style by purchasing glass doors for your showers, shower/tub combos, and custom shower enclosures. With dozens of glass textures and door styles to choose from, you can create a bathroom to suit your unique, creative, or contemporary tastes. Best of all, with Pleasanton Glass Co., you’ll have professional advice and guidance every step of the way.


Why use shower curtains when shower doors are so much more stylish—and much more practical?

Glass shower doors have an ultramodern appeal that can instantly make a room look fresh and sleek.

We offer and install a variety of shower door styles: swinging shower doors, frameless slider doors, semi-framed slider doors, semi-framed swinging doors, and framed shower doors, with heavy frameless shower doors as our best sellers. These swinging doors feature heavy glass patterns that can easily complement any bathroom décor.


Frameless shower doors are extremely popular right now due to their considerable versatility and the sheer beauty of their design. Because they do not require metal support around the edges, the resulting effect is all clean and crisp borders—perfect for achieving a number of minimalist, modern, and ultramodern styles. Frameless shower doors and shower enclosures are also perfect for complementing and showing off elegant stonework, clever bathroom décor, and contemporary tile designs.


Do you have a shower door that needs to be repaired or replaced? Maybe you need a custom cut glass enclosure for your new shower/tub combo. Pleasanton Glass Company would love to come in and provide you with a free in-home estimate on your project.


Shower/tub combos may be limited to just standard slider shower doors, but the style and design options are endless. Choosing the right glass door for your shower tub can instantly turn your bathroom from bland to beautiful.

Pick a standard slider door that is stylish, beautiful, and perfectly complements the aesthetic of your bathroom. There are plenty of choices for trim, headers, and glass designs ranging from clear, obscure, rain, or patterned.


Pleasanton Glass Co. is backed by over 50 years’ worth of industry experience and expertise. Run by a second-generation glass professional, our team knows the ins and outs of glass door installation and repair—and of customer satisfaction. We always approach every project with a ‘customer first’ mindset; everything we do and everything we recommend is in our client’s best interest. We aim to over-deliver on quality service, every time.


Do you want the privacy and distinct design that only frosted glass can provide, or do you want to stay true to the classy, minimalist cut of sharp, clean lines that crystal clear glass can offer? Whatever your aesthetic is, there’s a glass enclosure that’s perfect for it. With textures ranging from Rain Glass, Glue Chip, frosted, and more, you’re never short of options.


Are you remodeling your bathroom, replacing your shower door, or installing a new shower-tub enclosure? Then you should consider getting a glass door custom cut to perfectly fit your shower space. This will give any shower enclosure a sleek, ultramodern look. At Pleasanton Glass Co., we can make this happen. Our team of professionals can take the dimensions of the desired area and cut your door—regardless of make, style, design, or texture—according to the exact measurements.


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