3 Easy Ways to Stop Your Bathroom Mirror from Fogging Up

We can all agree that taking a hot shower on a cold morning is very enjoyable. But dealing with a fogged-up bathroom mirror when you step out can equally annoying. If you’re applying makeup or shaving using the bathroom vanity just right after, this can be a significant inconvenience. With these simple techniques, you can easily clear the fog away from your mirror when your bathroom gets steamy.

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Run a Cold Shower

Can you manage running a cold shower? If so, do it for at least thirty seconds. Then, switch over to warm. This trick effectively keeps your shower cool and slows down the fog from forming.

Again, this will only keep the fog from forming quickly. It will still be visible after some time. So if you’re taking a long shower, you have to run the cold shower for an extended time, too. It will help if you also do this when you have a relatively small bathroom.

Open Doors and Windows

Another way to cool down the room without using anything is to open your door and windows. This stops the water vapor from forming, which causes the fog to blur your mirror. Ventilating your bathroom with this hack works best during the summer months. It’s definitely not recommended during winter.

Use a Homemade Solution

These household products can keep your mirror glass fog-free. The thing is, you have to use them regularly to make them work. Let’s think of it as a way to maintain your bathroom mirror’s pristine condition.

  • Shaving cream, toothpaste, laundry detergent and soap (bar or liquid) – These products are surfactants that help prevent water condensation particles from sticking to the glass. Just wipe a layer of the product over the glass and then buff until the product is clear, and you’ll be able to see yourself in the mirror again. However, the results may vary, and sometimes, it may cause some slight cloudiness or marks on the glass.
  • Vinegar solution – You can also use a 1:1 solution of vinegar and water to wipe down your mirror. Add a few drops of soap to the solution to increase its defogging power. If you’re worried about the smell, it usually disappears within an hour.
  • Car Wax and Window De-Fogger – You can also use these products in your bathroom mirror. It’s as easy as applying them directly to the surface, and wiping them off as you would do with your vehicle.
  • Blow Dryer – Do you think applying certain household products just won’t do the trick? With a blow dryer, there’s no need for those. Just plug it in, turn the device on, and remove the fog from your mirror quickly.

Use Specialty Glass Products

3 Easy Ways to Stop Your Bathroom Mirror from Fogging Up

For something a little more advanced, choose a specialty product designed to keep bathroom mirrors fog-free.

  • Specialized defogging solutions such as Rain-X, normally used on car windshields, can help to keep your bathroom mirrors fog free for up to a month. Simply spray directly onto mirrors and pat down with a clean, lint-free cloth to dry.
  • Glycerin is a specialty product you can get from the pharmacy that can also be used diluted with water to wipe down mirrors and keep them fog-free during showers. It’s non-toxic, making it perfect for homes with kids and pets.

Install a Fogless Mirror

If you’re tired of doing a temporary fix from time to time, it’s best to get an anti-fog mirror. There are three varying options to select from.

  • Fogless mirrors with chemical-based coating are one of the most popular options. Although they’re easy to install, you have to remove them from your vanity or wall when not in use. Keeping them exposed when not in use strips off their coating.
  • Have you ever heard of heated mirrors? Yes, they exist. They have reservoirs placed behind the mirror, which mimics the temperature of the water. The good thing is, they’re guaranteed to last longer compared to other options without maintenance.
  • Mirrors attached to the shower pipe also work effectively. This basically requires a valve which extracts water used for heating the mirror. This option is worth it, but the downside is that the installation is complicated.

Bathroom Mirror Care and Maintenance

At Pleasanton Glass, we’ll help you find the ideal defogging solution for your bathroom mirror. We’re also just one call away if you need a repair or replacement. If you’re living in Pleasanton and surrounding Tri-Valley areas, we’ll be glad to help. Call us today for more info.


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