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Add a touch of class to any room using tasteful, stylishly-framed glass. Mirrors can instantly tie a room together using crisp, clean lines and smooth, polished surface. And thanks to the numerous colors, textures, and style options for its frames, mirrors are considerably versatile—and perfect for just about any room! Whether you use them to create the illusion of space or you use them for more practical, everyday affairs, they are undoubtedly an excellent addition to any home. Pleasanton Glass Co. can help you find and install the perfect mirror to suit your needs.


Thanks to modern tools and technology, bathroom mirrors are now more versatile than ever before. Available in a wide variety of shapes and styles, you’re sure to find the perfect mirror for your bathroom. We offer seamed edges, standard polished edges, frameless, and beveled edges—just to name a few!


Furnish your bedroom with mirrors that were built to dazzle and designed to last. There are just as many styles for bedroom mirrors as there are for bathrooms. Keep your lines clean and crisp with frameless mirrors, or elegantly class it up with a variety of metallic frame options. Whatever your style and aesthetic, there’s a mirror for you!


Discover mirrored doors for your wardrobe that are both high-quality and highly affordable. Pleasanton Glass Co. offers a large selection of mirrored wardrobe doors for you to enjoy when you’re getting ready or winding down from the day. Choose between fancy beveled mirrors or ultramodern frameless combinations.

Don’t know which one will work with your interior look? Give us a call! Our team of professionals will be able to point you in the right direction.


Do you have a mirror in need of repair or replacement? With over 50 years experience, we guarantee our work, aiming to over-deliver on quality service every time. Pleasanton Glass Company would love to come in and provide you with a free in-home estimate on your mirror project!


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