8 Things You Should Know When Asking for a Glass Shower Door Replacement Service

As a smart buyer, knowing what you need or what to ask for prior to visiting related service establishments is a must. For home owners, attending to their glass shower door replacement is a tedious task amidst other work and domestic chores.

To save time and expenses, keep these points in mind when planning to replace your shower doors or prior to visiting glass replacement establishments: 

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When to Replace your Door

When to Replace your DoorMost homeowners involved in their house construction are aware of their initial installations, like the door type and pricing; hence, knowing when to replace their glass doors may be a short search engine query away.

Those who don’t can visit local service shops. They usually provide free and free at-home estimates, complete with service suggestions in line with your needs, budget, and taste.

Typically, replacements are needed when cracks or discolorations on the glass or rust on the metal becomes visible. These are just early signs of replacement needs; you’re guaranteed its necessity by consulting with the experts.

Knowing when to get your doors replaced is a critical decision, and the wisest choice may not always be the cheapest at the moment. The best way to know whether you need a replacement is by consulting a trusted company for the job. They will inspect the condition of the doors and make suggestions based on your case.

Glass Door Options

Not every owner knows their glass shower door type, so it’s okay to visit servicing centers with limited knowledge. However, coming in empty-handed and completely oblivious about your needs may tempt some to go outside business ethics.

Make sure you explore your glass door options beforehand. Even if you may not exactly know what you’re looking for at the moment, you can always discuss any doors that caught your interest during your consultation.

Even if you go to your service shop unprepared, your service providers are responsible for letting you know available options. Most offices may limit suggestions to their services on the menu, but others may give you all available options outside their provisions.

Good service shops will provide up-to-date products and will care to elaborate on their products’ pros and cons, warranties, and maintenance.

Replacement Costs and other Expenses

Your replacement cost is usually limited to the fabrication of the custom door; installations, removal, or cutting of your existing door are expenses generally charged outside your basic fees.

Overall cost also varies depending on the case, but generally boils down to the cost of the actual reparation needed, size of your door, and any extra fees—in the event that your home is outside service areas of installation.  

Special Options

You may ask for customizations when replacing your glass shower doors, like for those with units with customized height. Keep in mind, standard laws like your International Residential Code requiring special glazing to glass doors. This service is not an addition, but a compulsory measure expected in some locations.

Delivery Time

Custom orders often dictate the duration of delivery and installation. Standard orders may take 3 to 5 business days while custom jobs could take 5 up to 21. It’s best to know directly from your service shops to avoid false expectations. Service centers will typically confirm your orders, attend to your custom jobs, notify you when orders arrive, and make appointments for installation.


One thing to consider in replacing your glass shower door is the maintenance. Maintenance also includes treatment directly after installation. After delivery and fitting, you will probably be advised not to use the doors for 24 to 48 hours following the installation to allow the silicone to set in.

You should also follow care tips to help prolong your unit’s usability. Steer away from using acid or ammonia-based cleaning agents for glass products since they can damage your door hardware; instead, use household solutions like vinegar and water at 50-50 ratio.


Unlike regular products, you cannot guarantee warranty for your glass shower doors; however, there are limited warranties available for their hardware and coating which may span from 1 to 5 years, depending on the retailer. Know available warranties before purchasing your door to save yourself from later issues. Most business establishments have warranties for standard items only. 

Return Policy and Cancellation

Most custom orders do not have options for return, and will actually need 50% of the total fee upfront. Standard orders, on the other hand, may be returned given conditions of the return policy are satisfied. Cancellation policies are specific for every business, especially for standard items, but custom jobs will usually charge you for the full price in spite of cancellation.

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Bottom line

A glass shower door replacement can be time consuming and costly; hence, preparing yourself prior a service visit is a must to make transactions faster on your end. While some policies and procedures are typical, the delivery of your services – quality, cost, and duration – will rely on the company you choose for your needed services. Be a smart buyer; learn to ask questions and do your own research to save yourself from future troubles and expenses. 


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