Glass Shower Doors

Are you thinking about having your shower door replaced in 2021? A glass shower door replacement is an investment that will give your bathroom a fresh and improved look. When it comes to shower designs, favorites change. You won’t want to miss what’s trending this year.

But before choosing a fresh new look, here are the top designs for glass shower doors in 2021. Read on to learn more!

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Going Frameless

Minimalism remains a growing trend for interior design. If you would like to achieve an authentic minimalistic look for your bathroom, selecting a frameless shower door is a great idea.

Frameless shower doors come in all shapes and sizes. There are curved ones, frosted options, and straight plain frameless shower doors, and a lot more to choose from. Many homeowners love this design trend. It’s sleek and simple, but can become the focal point of your bathroom.


If you don’t want to go frameless all the way, you can always opt for a semi frameless door. As the name suggests, this framing is only around the outside edges, excluding the entire entryway. It’s still considered a minimalist design, in a sense, because it’s built with fewer seals compared to a framed door. This is highly convenient because there will be less water build-up and less risk of corrosion. Cleaning and maintenance can be a lot easier!

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French Doors

French doors may sound like an unusual idea for a shower, but surprisingly, they have a few perks you may want to consider. Do you have a small shower area? French shower doors can provide openness to a shower. If you’re currently expanding the space, this design can give you more room to move.

This style also works well in homes where you need to help someone take a shower. French glass shower doors can give you easy access to helping seniors, kids, and even your furry pets.

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Mixed Metal Shower Doors

Do you want to break up a glass surface? Consider changing your current door for one made with a mixed metal finish. This is a popular choice in wet rooms and larger family bathrooms. Frosted and patterned options also look great, giving your bathroom a unique, industrial touch.

The Corner Shower

Here’s another small bathroom must-have. The corner shower may not be a new bathroom remodeling trend, but it’s definitely going to be more common in 2021. It’s space-saving and practical, isn’t it? You can even install one near or on top of a tiled feature wall, accentuating a new focal point in your bathroom!

Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors are more versatile than ever before. When you’re ready to choose a new shower door design to replace the one you currently have in your bathroom, Pleasanton Glass is here to help. Our skilled technicians can give you expert advice and take care of it for you. Call us today to get started!


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