window glass replacement

Do you need a window glass replacement? Glass damage can be caused by a number of things, like winter storms or the neighbor kid’s stray baseball. One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is waiting too long to get the broken glass repaired. If you have broken glass in your home, don’t delay having it repaired or replaced. It’s better to schedule your window glass replacement as soon as possible. This blog post covers the top 3 reasons why you should talk to a local glass company today.

window glass replacement

window glass replacement

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1) Swap Out Broken Glass For an Energy-Efficient Design

Window glass is a critical element in ensuring your home is properly insulated because cracked glass lets in rain and wind. Without proper insulation, you’ll end up paying more on your monthly utility bills. Additionally, without fully intact window glass, it will be harder to keep your living space warm during the rainy season. Our advice is to invest in energy-efficient window glass that’s designed with durability and energy savings in mind.

2) Give Your Home a Fresh Look

When you swap out your old window glass, you’ll also enjoy a cleaner, crisper view of the neighborhood. Chipped or cracked glass can seriously date your home. You might not even notice how dingy it looks until you replace it and see the difference. A window replacement is a simple and affordable upgrade, but it can give your home a fresh new look.

3) The Dangers of Broken Glass and Fire Safety

Broken window glass can be dangerous as well. For example, if you’re the parent of young children, there’s a higher risk of falling through a damaged window, or being cut on its jagged edges. It also poses a fire risk if you aren’t safely able to open the window to get out of your home in an emergency.

These are a couple of the more serious reasons to contact your local glass company as soon as possible. It’s simply not safe to be opening and closing windows with damaged glass. Not only will the glass replacement make your home more comfortable and boost its curb appeal, but it’s also a matter of home safety.

Schedule Window Glass Replacement

Many homeowners neglect window glass replacement as an important part of home maintenance, and we get it. You probably already have a lot to take care of on a daily basis. But not to worry—we’re here to help. We also know it can be frustrating when something broken is left unfixed for too long. If you’re a homeowner in need of window glass replacement, we hope this blog post has helped convince you that the sooner you schedule important maintenance tasks, the better. Give Pleasanton Glass a call today at (925) 261-7198 for a free estimate! We’re happy to answer any questions you have about your options, the installation process, or special precautions we’re taking at this time to help keep customers safe.


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