Should I Add a Framed or Frameless Mirror to My Bathroom

There are several features that make a bathroom what it is, and a bathroom mirror is one of those things. There’s no denying that mirrors are a practical addition to any room, helping to make the space look brighter and even just a little bigger, all while putting the finishing touches to your decor.

For some designers and homeowners, the bathroom mirror is actually one of the most important design elements found in a bathroom, no matter how big or small it is. While it’s true that you’re more likely to notice your reflection rather than the mirror, it won’t hurt to pay a little more attention to the design or the style of the mirror you ultimately pick for your bathroom.

There are many types of mirrors for a homeowner to choose from; from mirrors with extra storage on the sides or bottom, to frameless mirrors, to the ever common framed ones.

Since you have a wide range of choices—what with mirrors being in different sizes, too—no one can blame you for not knowing which ones to choose. Nor can you be faulted for picking the first mirror that looks like it’ll fit in the bathroom, even though it may not actually be the best choice available.

To make things a little simpler for you, it may be a good idea to choose between a framed or frameless bathroom mirror, and then move on to the other factors. That said, here are a few things to consider about each type of mirror.

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Framed Mirrors

If you have a vanity table in your bathroom, it’s likely that it came packaged with a mirror, which is usually framed with the same material as the vanity table. They’re rather small when compared to frameless mirrors and some framed decorative mirrors, and are designed to be hung at around face height. That means they don’t always offer as much coverage as you may like.

Choosing a framed mirror for your bathroom may sound like a bad idea since it’ll be that much easier for moisture to get trapped, especially near the frame. Wooden frames in particular are more prone to rotting and eventually being destroyed. There are some bathroom mirror varieties, though, with frames that have been specially treated to keep moisture at bay.

If you feel more comfortable with framed mirrors or they complete the look you’re going for in your bathroom, then by all means, use them. They look particularly eye-catching when mounted in a pair over a wider-than-usual vanity table. They can also be custom-built to have extra storage built into them, either at the bottom or behind the mirror (think medicine cabinets).

Frameless Mirrors

Should I Add a Framed or Frameless Mirror to My Bathroom1As the name states, these mirrors don’t have frames. They’re usually bigger than framed mirrors. In fact, some come in sizes so big, they take up the entire backsplash or bathroom wall.

A frameless bathroom mirror is the best way to make the space seem larger than it really is, thanks to the lack of a frame. That’s what makes it popular in design—especially for smaller bathrooms. It’s important to note that they can be expensive since they’re made of a single piece of glass, but they’re well worth the investment.

Just be sure to look for mirrors marked “moisture resistant” so you don’t have to worry about dealing with mirror rot.

Their main drawback? They don’t have any storage and there’s no way to have storage custom-built in—unless you want to open a cabinet whose door will take up at least half the bathroom. Still, there are ways to add storage to the bathroom other than having it built into the side of your mirror or behind it, so that’s not a bad tradeoff.

Here are a couple of questions you should be asking when trying to choose a mirror for your bathroom!

All in all, whether you choose a framed or frameless bathroom mirror, it all boils down to your personal taste and the feel or look you want for your bathroom. Then when you’ve decided, ask a trusted glass company – or its representatives, at any rate – to help you find the best one that suits your taste and your needs.


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