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Bathtubs are luxurious and relaxing, but they aren’t anywhere near as practical as showers. Showers are just so versatile, especially because they work in both large and small spaces. A frameless shower door is a classic design that can be traditional or modern. Create your own look this year. If it’s time to remodel your bathroom, here are some unique shower designs that we love for 2021.

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Go Bold

If you want to go bold, feature contrasts within your shower space. For example, elegant stonework combined with contemporary fixtures works well with brass elements. Brass has an old-world quality to it that pairs beautifully with more modern designs.

If space is an issue, installing frameless shower doors can make your bathroom look a lot more spacious. Compared to framed shower doors, they’re also much easier to clean and more economical, too.


Folding shower doors can make the dullest of bathrooms come to life. These doors are made from a few glass panels, where one of them is fixed, while others can fold and move like an accordion. This is a unique design.

You can pair it with industrial-inspired elements or marble tile walls and flooring.

Shower Nook

Color sets the tone and mood for any room in a home. If you want to focus more on the design elements of your bathroom, you can allow a narrow space for a quaint shower nook. This comes with corner doors that fit at a certain angle of the bathroom.

What’s great about corner shower doors is the lack of a set structure. You’ll have much more flexibility and movement in your space. This is a great idea if you’d like to expand your vanity, add another fixture, or simply create a bigger dressing area.


Express your creativity with patterned glass panels. They’re an amazing way of revamping your bathroom with minimal effort and costs.

Even if you want to keep your walls white, or your fixtures the way they are, patterned glass panels come in different colors that can make your shower area brighter so that it really stands out.

One great thing about this type of shower enclosure is that it’s easy to clean. All it takes is a simple wipe down to preserve a colorful look.

Let it Rain

If you want to enhance other design elements while maintaining your privacy during shower time, rain glass doors are the perfect option.

Although they’re not as dramatic as patterned glass panels, they’re sleek and elegant. This look works for most bathroom themes, too. So whether you have a modern or minimalist bathroom, these glass doors will be a perfect match.

Most glass companies offer rain glass doors because it’s timeless design. Even though they’ve been around for a while, they’re still a favorite this year.

2021 Shower Designs

These are just some of the many shower designs to choose from. Ask yourself a few questions to get started on your bathroom remodel. What does your ideal bathroom look like? Do you prefer a certain theme? What type of glass shower door would you like to install?

Whatever it is, Pleasanton Glass can help you install your new frameless shower door. Request a free estimate by calling us at (925) 261-7085 today! Or, read our testimonials by clicking here.


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