Does the Thickness of My Frameless Shower Door Matter

When choosing a frameless shower door, the first thing you need to consider is the glass thickness. The absence of frames (which is essentially the foundation) means that the structural strength of your shower enclosure is now determined by how thick your glass is. You need to find one that has the right measurements to suit your needs.

There are two options when it comes to the thickness of your shower door:

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1. 1/2-Inch Heavy Shower Glass

Getting a half-inch thick glass for your frameless shower door is a good move if you’re concerned about longevity and resilience. The half-inch thick glass provides the greatest structural durability and integrity, which perfectly suits any home.

Half-inch heavy shower glass is an excellent option for those who are willing to splurge a bit on higher-quality glass for their frameless shower door. It’s also worth noting that this option is the same type used for storefronts. Aside from looking sophisticated, it gives your shower a more substantial feel.

 2. 3/8-Inch Heavy Shower Glass

This is the smallest glass thickness size that you can use for frameless shower enclosures. Although it’s a bit thinner than the premium kind, it still provides you sound, top-notch constant stability you need. This is also a popular choice for homeowners on a budget because it’s more affordable than half-inch thick shower glass doors.

Prioritize Safety at All Times

Does the Thickness of My Frameless Shower Door Matter1The thickness of your frameless shower door matters A LOT. It only takes a blink of an eye for a shower glass door or panel to break and shatter into small dangerous pieces. Broken glass can cause injuries to anyone in your household. That’s why you should never sacrifice safety when selecting a shower enclosure for your home.

Consider building custom glass for your frameless shower door. When you buy a custom enclosure, you can expect a much safer and longer-lasting door, no matter how frequently the shower is used. Choosing a thinner glass might save you a few hundred dollars, but you will likely end up paying more in medical bills if someone in your home gets injured once that glass enclosure breaks.

Use Tempered Glass

Most of the popular glass shower enclosures in the market right now are made with tempered glass, which adds safety value. The glass is heated until it becomes soft before quickly chilling it with cool air. Through this method, highly desirable conditions of induced stress are produced, creating an impact-resistant glass.

It means the tempered glass will never break into sharp and jagged edges that could hurt anyone. Instead, it will break into small, oval-shaped pebbles that are much safer for you and your family in case an accident happens. Tempered glass also comes with different decorative elements you can choose from.

Are you building a new bathroom or simply renovating an existing one? Then the best thing to do is hire a professional frameless shower door installer. Instead of wasting time choosing the pieces by yourself, you can rest assured that your new shower glass door will not only be aesthetically pleasing but also safe for everyone who will use it.

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