4 Ways to Restore a Discolored Glass Shower Door

Bathrooms are the most frequently used rooms in the house—and they also tend to be the most neglected.

Glass shower doors, in particular, are among the fixtures in your bathroom that need extra TLC. They are prone to discoloration because they’re exposed to hard water, dirt, skin cells, and soap every single day.

As water minerals (i.e., magnesium and calcium) mix with soap, they leave behind soap scum. This becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that can’t only be an eyesore, but also a potential health risk.

Check out these tips to bring back the beauty of your discolored glass shower doors.

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Use a DIY spray.

4 Ways to Restore a Discolored Glass Shower DoorSometimes, the answer is just lying around in your cupboard. Vinegar and dish soap can work wonders in keeping your shower glass looking crystal clear for a long time.

Mix ½ cup of vinegar, one cup of water, and a dash of dish soap. Spray it on the surface and let it sit for a few minutes. The natural acid in the vinegar will help break down any buildup on the glass.

Apply dryer sheets.

Dryer sheets are designed to soften water deposits. This means they also work well in fighting against that pesky buildup in your glass shower door.

Recycle a few sheets from your laundry loads or take a fresh sheet for a pleasant smell in your bathroom. Take one damp dryer sheet and wipe it down the glass from top to bottom. After that, go over the surface again using a damp paper towel.

Try commercial cleaners.

4 Ways to Restore a Discolored Glass Shower DoorIf homemade cleaners don’t cut it, consider commercial cleaners. Many brands on the market can get rid of tough stains that water and vinegar cannot remove. These are often found in your local grocery stores or home improvement shops.

If you’re using high-performance cleaning products, check with your shower glass company first. Don’t forget to dry the glass first before applying. Some cleaners may advise you to leave the solution on the glass for a specific amount of time.

Use a towel for gentle cleaning.

There are types of buildup that needs to be scrubbed off. When doing this, avoid sharp instruments, acid-based cleaners, or scouring pads that damage the glass coating.

It’s better to use a lint-free towel, paper towel, or rag to prevent streaks and keep your glass protected. Don’t forget to wear hand gloves to stay protected from harsh chemicals when handling them.

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Making Your Glass Shower Doors Last

Glass shower doors are more hygienic compared to shower curtains. But, it doesn’t mean they are maintenance-free! Having a consistent cleaning schedule decreases the amount of scum buildup that you have to deal with.

Prevention will always be your first defense against shower door buildups that cause discoloration. Keep your bathroom well-ventilated, so your glass stays dry at all times.

If any of the above tips didn’t work—perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. Say goodbye to your outdated glass shower doors and have the bathroom makeover you’ve always wanted.

Call your trusted glass shower door specialist today to get the work going.


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