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The sleek, uninterrupted glass of a frameless shower door instantly upgrades your bathroom. Without a bulky frame to distract the eye and accumulate rust and limescale, frameless shower doors are both pleasing to the eye and convenient to clean. But wait – doesn’t that frame have a purpose? Isn’t it supposed to stop water from leaking out of the shower?

While yes, a frame can certainly stop leakage, a frameless shower door doesn’t mean endless shower leaks. In fact, there are several easy ways you can prevent leaks.

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Preventing leaks in your frameless shower door starts at installation. Whether you are installing the glass shower doors yourself or you’ve hired a professional to handle it for you, it’s important to make sure that the glass is positioned correctly. Check that there are no gaps between the adjacent glass-wall and the door. Then, check the curb of your shower to ensure that it is tilted slightly towards the shower drain but level on both sides. This discourages water from spilling onto your floor. If everything is even and sealed, with no gaps, it is unlikely that you will experience any leakage.

Fixing a Leak

It’s actually quite easy to fix a leak in a glass shower door – and there’s no need to bring out the caulking gun! First, determine where the leak is coming from by checking the sides and jamb for gaps. If you’re having trouble finding the source, use the shower head to spray the door from the inside and observe where water leaks from.

  • Sides: To seal leaking sides, you’ll need a side sealant of your choice. Sealing tape and silicone seal strips are easy to work with: Just measure the side of your door, cut the tape or strips to the proper length, clean the glass with a quality glass cleaner, and slide on.
  • Doorsill: If water is leaking from the bottom of the frameless shower door, there is a simple DIY solution that even the most project-hesitant homeowners can do. First, obtain a silicone sealing strip (these can be the same variety that you use to seal the sides of the door). Measure the bottom of the door, cut the strip to the correct length, clean the glass, and install the strip.

Extra Leak Tips

If there are no gaps anywhere in your glass shower door but there’s still water on the floor after you shower, it’s time to reevaluate the source of the leak. Consider the following tips:

  • Have you examined the hinges and other hardware for rust and deterioration? Rust or limescale buildup can interfere with your door’s ability to fully close, which leads to – you guessed it – leaks.
  • Point your showerhead away from the door or invest in a rain shower head. This is a good general tip whether you have a frameless shower door or not.

Need a Frameless Shower Door?

Do you have questions about a frameless shower door? Experiencing leaks or other problems? Our experts at Pleasanton Glass can help. If you appreciate a modern aesthetic or want to opt for a more polished look, frameless is the way to go. Talk to us to set up a consultation!


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