Top 4 Common Sliding Door Repairs

Glass sliding doors allow for a smooth transition from indoors to outdoors. They are also a convenient and transparent way to brighten up your home. Although glass sliding doors are generally effortless, they sometimes tend to need simple repairs. Below are listed the four most common glass sliding door repairs.

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1. Issues with Rollers

Sliding doors move smoothly, but only when the rollers are in excellent condition and don’t have any breakage. If your glass sliding door gets stuck often and only moves with great force, then your rollers may have been obstructed over time. Another cause of poor roller movement is dirt. Outside debris can easily get trapped in rollers and cause dysfunction. A quick clean can fix this problem, but you will need to invest in new rollers if they are cracked, bent, or rusted.

2. Wheel Alignment

For your glass sliding door to work correctly, your wheels must be aligned on the track. Rollers can become detached from the track, and this is most commonly caused by the screws that hold the wheels and the track together. If the screws become loose or fall out over time, you can realign your glass sliding door by merely tightening the screws or replacing them with new ones.

3. Track Damage

Top 4 Common Sliding Door Repairs1With wear and tear, your glass sliding door track can become bent or bowed. Glass sliding door tracks typically get two types of bends: inward and outward bends. If you have an inward curve, the bend will be directed towards the floor, and if you have an outward bend, the bend will be facing up. To fix an inward bend, use pliers to bend the curve back into place. To fix an outward bend, use pliers and a hammer to push it back down. When repairing bends, be sure not to use excessive force, which can cause damage to your glass sliding door.

4. Glass Destruction

Unfortunately, glass can be easily broken, and the glass panes in sliding doors are not easy to fix. To replace a glass pane in a sliding door, you must break the seal around the pane, removing leftover glass shards from the original damage. This task is very time consuming and has high risk. Working with shards of glass makes you very susceptible to injury and further problems if not done properly. If the glass pane in your sliding door breaks, it is best to hire an experienced professional to replace it, rather than taking on the task on your own.

Most glass sliding door repairs are simple and don’t require an abundance of money, but some repairs can be complicated and are best fixed by a professional. Before taking on a repair project by yourself, consider the costs, risks, and time that will be spent. Contact Pleasanton Glass today to get an expert opinion on your repair!


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