How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger: 4 Essential Design Tips

The hallmark of modern design is wide open, airy and light spaces, with clear lines and less walls. But what if your home is small, dark, boxy and cramped? You might feel like it’s impossible to make your home at least feel bigger without major remodeling that will set you back thousands. But there are a number of creative ways to design and decorate your home to make it look bigger, no matter how small your space is.

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Keep The Space Open

One of the biggest mistakes that many homeowners make is closing down their space with opaque doors, dividers and walls, making the home seem even boxier and smaller than it really is. For example, solid walls or shower curtains in the bathroom can make a small space feel even tinier. Adding frameless showers using the advanced thin yet strong 3/8” glass that is available now, help to keep the interior of your bathroom ‘lean’ while still keeping the essential structure you need.

The same goes for kitchen, bathroom or living room cabinets. Why install cabinet doors when you could have just a layer of cabinet glass over your shelves instead of solid doors. This keeps your space as open as possible, and creates the illusion your room is bigger than it really is.

Add Mirrors

A strategically placed mirror can make a huge difference to a small room, so be sure not to miss this design trick. Placing a beautifully mounted or custom made mirror opposite a window has the double effect of increasing the natural light, as well as creating the illusion of extra space in your room.

Mirror wardrobe doors are another highly effective and space efficient way to easily incorporate a mirror into your space creating depth and dimension to smaller rooms.

Allow Natural Light In

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger 4 Essential Design Tips1More light gives more depth to a room, so increasing the amount of light, particularly natural light, is an ideal way to make your home feel bigger. Natural light has the added advantages of being good for your health, increasing your energy, and saving you money on electricity bills, so it’s a great choice.

Choose translucent glass doors and large windows for your home, leaving the curtains drawn as much as possible to let the sunlight in.

Use Light Colors

Dark colored paint and furniture in a small room actually absorbs light, which is great if you want to make your room seem smaller and more cozy. But light colors reflect light, creating vibrancy and ambience in small rooms, which is what you’re really looking for if you want your rooms to look bigger.

Light colored furniture, and light paint on the walls and ceiling helps to open the space up and out, and maximize the light you do have, to create the effect of big, airy and spacious.

By optimizing your lighting, choosing translucent materials and changing a few design points in your home, you can create bigger, brighter and more modern rooms without having to invest in a major remodel.


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