When Should You Replace Your Bathroom Fittings

Remodeling is perfect if you want to overhaul the entire look of your bathroom, but what if you just want to change one or two details? Perhaps some fittings in your bathroom are old or faulty and need replacing. Perhaps you’re just wondering how long you should keep the same shower curtain. Here we look at how to evaluate if bathroom fittings for replacement and how often bathroom fittings should be replaced.

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1. Faucets and Showerhead

Faucets and shower heads are replaced or repaired based on taste and necessity rather than as a rule for frequency. Most quality faucets and shower heads installed by an expert plumber will go out of fashion long before they go out of service. The most common replacements are the washer or other internal mechanisms in the faucet as they get worn.

Any issues you face with faucets or showerhead may call for replacements. Check with a plumber to determine the cause of an issue to figure out an appropriate solution. Replacing damaged faucets and showerheads with water saving versions to will conserve water and save you money. Switching to just one water-saving shower head can save 2,900 gallons of water and 13 days’ worth of electricity.

2. Toilet

Toilet issues do not always mean that there is a need for replacement, but there are some occasions where replacing the toilet is best. Obvious replacement situations include recurrent clogs, cosmetic or physical damage, or multiple internal issues.  Look to replace your damaged toilet for a model that conserves water where possible.

3. Shower Curtain or Door

When Should You Replace Your Bathroom Fittings1Glass shower doors and screens will last longer than flimsy shower curtains. Shower curtains may need to be replaced yearly or even monthly depending on how much use they get and how prone they are to collecting mold or grime.

Glass shower doors and screens generally have a much longer lifespan. Glass is mostly water-resistant and easy to clean, allowing glass to withstand decades of use. Choosing a quality shower door provider and installation professional helps to ensure your shower door lasts longer. Despite the value and effectiveness of glass, problems do occur with glass shower doors and screens. Any chips or cracks should be repaired immediately. A low-quality door or a door that has not been installed properly may not function correctly and the frame may rust quickly.

4. Pipes and Connections

Bathroom pipes and connections are often out of sight, out of mind making it easy to ignore issues with your bathroom plumbing. Constant lack of attention to minor plumbing issues can turn into major  problems. There is no hard and fast rule about replacing pipes and plumbing, but be sure to pay attention to your plumbing and bring any issues to the attention of your plumber immediately.

5. Window

A bathroom window is easy to ignore, but this is no ordinary piece of glass. Windows that start 60 inches or less from the floor in bathrooms are required to be safety glass. If your bathroom window is not the right type of glass, or it is not in good condition, it might need to be replaced.


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