How to Protect Your Window Glass From Breaking

Broken windows are a safety and security hazard, and glass window replacement can be costly. The average cost of ten replacement windows at a size of 3′ x 5′ can be around $10,000. The high cost of glass window replacements is just one of the reasons why new windows are so attractive and so valuable to homeowners and homebuyers.

Choosing high quality windows and prolonging the life of your window glass is key. Here we look at how to prevent window breakage by choosing the right glass for the right purpose, protecting windows, and repairing cracks and chips promptly.

The Right Place for the Right Glass

Ensuring you have the right glass for the location and purpose in your home is essential. Some glass windows may require coated glass, double paned or even triple paned glass for comfort. Other glass windows and fittings are required by law to be safety glass. Any glass that meets the following criteria should be used as safety glass to avoid breakage and ensure safety for the occupants of the home:

  • Glass has exposed area of an individual pane greater than 9 square feet.
  • Glass has exposed bottom edge less than 18 inches above the floor.
  • Glass has exposed top edge greater than 36 inches above the floor.
  • One or more walking surfaces within 36 inches horizontally of the plane of the glazing.

Ensuring proper glass installation and proper glass placement is essential for following building safety codes and preventing glass installations from breaking.

Safety Glass

Safety glass is specially designed to be resistant to breakage and withstand conditions that normal glass cannot.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is a type of safety glass that consists of multiple layers of glass fused with polyvinyl butyral. The process that produces laminated glass prevents it from breaking or shattering like plate glass normally does. Choosing laminated glass fittings will last longer and will be more resistant to cracks and breakage.

How-to-Protect-Your-Window-Glass-From-Breaking1Heat Treated Glass

Heat treated glass is another type of safety glass that has been through a heat tempering treatment to increase strength, resist impact and prevent breakage. Heat treated glass is often used for bathrooms where glass can be exposed to hot water and steam. Heat treated bathroom glass is highly effective in bathroom windows, shower screens and bathroom partitions.

Safety glass windows and safety glass fittings better protect your glass from damage and breakage. To ensure longer use and better protection, add a protective film to windows already installed in your bathroom or other parts of your home.

Prompt Repairs

Providing fast and efficient repairs to any windows or glass that has been damaged minimizes the repairs needed and the costs involved. Glass window damage that starts as a small chip or crack can be easy to ignore, but these small issues can quickly become major damage that requires costly glass repair or complete glass replacement.

Repairing chips or small cracks quickly reinforces the glass, maintaining glass strength and reducing the chances of damage. Your local glass installation and repair company can provide effective and cost-efficient glass repair to preserve your glass and prevent the need for total replacement.


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