Increase Your Kitchen’s Style With A Painted Glass Backsplash

Wouldn’t it be great to get a fresh and modern look in your kitchen by changing just one feature? Remodeling the kitchen is well known as giving one of the largest returns on investment because it’s one of the rooms where people spend the most time. There’s just something about a fresh, clean looking, new kitchen that we all love. If you want your kitchen to look like it was freshly designed and remodeled, you can instantly boost your kitchen’s style by installing a painted glass backsplash. Below are 4 ways a painted glass backsplash works to make your kitchen look more stylish, modern and fresh.

1. Outstanding Color

With a glass backsplash, the style options are endless. There are over 10,000 different colors to choose from so you can find the perfect hue for your design. Because painted glass backsplashes are both semi-transparent and saturated with rich color, the effect is truly unique and outstanding. The depth of color is unbeatable and creates the enviable effect of a kitchen straight from an interior design magazine.

2. Unique and Flawless Design

Unlike tiles, a glass backsplash is completely smooth, with minimal seams and joints between the glass sections. This provides the unique effect of a flawless, glowing wall of color, free of gaps and grout. Each piece of glass for a painted backsplash is custom designed and fabricated for a clean design. Best of all, the seamless design makes cleaning a breeze, saving you time while keeping your kitchen looking like new.

Increase Your Kitchen’s Style With A Painted Glass Backsplash13. Reflective and Spacious

Any kitchen will appear more spacious with a glass backsplash because glass is naturally reflective and translucent. A glass backsplash adds an unforgettable touch of style to any sized kitchen but is particularly effective in more compact kitchens because the reflective quality of the glass makes the room seem larger. The glass backsplash adds a subtle glow to the painted layer, allowing your unique color choice to shine with vibrancy. Your glass backsplash adds a truly unique and one of a kind look, making your home stand out from all the others on the block.

4. Easy To Clean

Keeping your kitchen looking stylish and in ‘as new’ condition relies on being able to clean it effectively. Tiles and grout can be difficult to clean due to food particles, germs, and grime seeping into the porous grout and becoming near impossible to remove. A painted glass backsplash can be perfectly cleaned with an effortless wipe with a soft cloth, making it simple to keep clean and hygienic. Glass is naturally resistant to germs, stains, and grime so you never have to worry about costly stain removal, re-grouting, or heavy cleaning. This is why a glass kitchen backsplash can stand up to almost anything you throw at it – literally! Spaghetti sauce stains and food splatters that would normally get stuck in grout wipe effortlessly away on a glass backsplash. A backsplash that is quickly and effortlessly cleaned means more time out of the kitchen and with your family.

Custom designed and created to fit your needs and tastes, installing a painted glass backsplash in your kitchen can add unique style and ambiance not found elsewhere in your neighborhood. Create this outstanding effect by contacting Pleasanton Glass Co. today about the best painted glass backsplash options for your kitchen.


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