6 Warning Signs you Need a Window Replacement

You may have contemplated window replacement for years, without ever taking any action on it because you doubt whether it’s really necessary or helpful. While one of the main reasons homeowners often want to replace windows is simply style, there could be some very good environmental, financial or safety reasons for replacing your windows as well. Here we look at 6 of the warning signs that may indicate you need to replace your windows for reasons other than just style.

1. You Can Feel a Draft

When the seal on your exterior windows is lost for some reason, air flow can enter and escape in the gaps that appear, which can be a real problem for your energy efficiency and home comfort. There can be many causes for this – wooden window frames may warp over time, allowing air in where they didn’t previously, or the corners of the sashes and frames can become loose creating gaps that allow air to penetrate the window and cause a draft.

A professional glass company can provide sash balance replacement to help correct the issue or advise you on whether it might be necessary to replace your windows entirely.

2. Your Windows Don’t Function Properly

6 Warning Signs you Need a Window Replacement1If it’s a major struggle to simply open and close your windows or keep them clean and functioning correctly, it could be a sign you need to replace your windows. This can particularly be an issue with double hung and single hung windows which can struggle with opening and closing smoothly as they get older, due to issues with the balance mechanism.

Struggling to get your windows to function is not good for you, and it’s not good for your windows. Call a window glass company in to see if they can diagnose the cause of the issue and suggest a solution.

3. Your Energy Bill Is Too High

If you consistently find your energy bill is far higher than it should be and you have ruled out any issues with your heating or cooling systems, it could be that your windows are not energy efficient.

It’s usually easier to simply replace inefficient windows as opposed to repairing them, and double or triple paned windows or ENERGY STAR® labeled windows can provide the perfect solution.

4. Your Windows Are Broken

Cracks, chips, or holes in your windows not only look terrible, they can be dangerous as well. Most glass companies can replace the damaged glass pane without replacing the entire window or door, which saves you time and money.

If you have a window that seems to be prone to breakage, safety glazing may be useful to prevent potential injury if the glass is broken.

5. Condensation Between Glass Panes

Condensation between the glass the panes of your double or triple paned windows is usually a bad sign. It indicates a seal failure where moisture has been allowed to get between the panes where it shouldn’t have. While many glass companies will suggest you need to replace the entire piece, some companies can simply replace the pane in the fogged up window or door without requiring a more expensive total replacement.

6. Wrong Glass in the Wrong Place

It’s essential that you use tempered glass for windows and doors adjacent to showers or baths. The hot water in these environments can cause untempered glass to shatter, dispersing sharp and dangerous shards of glass. Tempered glass breaks in small blunt pieces which are not as dangerous.

If you have the wrong type of glass installed in your bathroom, call a glass replacement company as soon as possible to remove the untempered glass and replace it with a tempered alternative.

With these 6 warning signs for window replacement, you can identify which windows you need to prioritize replacing for your safety, comfort and home efficiency.


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