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How do you know if you need glass repair or replacement? Great question! If your window, mirror, or shower enclosure has been damaged, the first step should always be to call a professional to look at the issue. A specialist will be able to evaluate the extent of the problem, and also give you an estimate for a repair or replacement. Just make sure the glass company has a great reputation, so you know they’re reliable.

The following is a quick snippet on how to know what can be fixed, and what needs to be completely replaced:

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The Difference Between Glass Repair & Glass Replacement

Glass repair is generally a great option for more minor issues, like small chips or scratches. Life’s little mishaps are usually fixable with some experience and care. In general, glass is salvageable if the imperfection isn’t extensive. Glass replacement, on the other hand, is when an entire panel of glass needs to be swapped out because it’s simply beyond saving. This can include things like shattered corners, or long cracks. If multiple parts of the glass have been damaged, it’s typically better to start from scratch.

Benefits of Choosing Glass Replacement

Unless the chip or crack isn’t very noticeable, it’s probably best to just opt for replacement instead of a glass repair. It’s likely a more permanent solution to your problem. Also, a broken window or shower enclosure can be especially dangerous, so be sure to take care of these kinds of issues, rather than leaving them for later. It’s easy to forget about broken or damaged glass and cut yourself. In fact, even seemingly minor issues can create instability in the panel.

What to Look For in a Glass Repair Company

When looking for a glass repair company near you, there are a few things you’ll want to think about. For example, be sure to look over their reviews to see what past customers have to say about them. You can also protect yourself by checking the Better Business Bureau site for any complaints.

It’s also essential that the glass company is licensed and insured; you can always ask to see these documents before deciding to hire them for the job. This is important because you’re financially liable for any injuries on your property if they don’t have their own insurance. Be sure the insurance plan is current and everything is up to date.

Experience, of course, is another matter to consider. You might want to ask how many years a company has been in business, as well as what kind of training they’ve undergone.

Schedule Glass Repair or Glass Replacement

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