What’s The Difference Between Framed and Unframed Glass Doors

Interior design has come a long way in recent years, from cramped, boxy rooms of the past to the spacious and contemporary open plan living spaces we enjoy today. Nothing exemplifies this clean openness and contemporary design more than glass doors, now a major feature in many homes as shower doors, sliding doors, and even the front door. The simplicity and beauty of glass just can’t be beaten, but many homeowners have questions about glass doors. What’s the difference between framed glass and frameless glass? Are the safety issues different with these types of doors? Here we take a closer look at the differences between these doors, and which might be most suitable for your needs.

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Benefits of Glass Doors

Framed glass doors have been around for years, being used in a variety of settings such as homes, offices, corporate buildings and shops. They offer the advantage of generally being larger than conventional doors, providing the illusion of greater spaciousness, and allowing ample natural lighting into a room. Glass doors contribute to the spacious, light and modern look many homes wish to achieve.

Frameless doors are becoming more popular thanks to innovations in glass technology that have made their aesthetic appeal and stunning modern design more accessible and practical. Particularly popular in bathrooms as frameless shower doors, frameless glass doors have also been used in modern offices for a sleek and stylish look, and even as frameless sliding glass doors in homes that allow a seamless view of the outside environment.

Are Frameless Glass Doors Safe?

What’s The Difference Between Framed and Unframed Glass Doors1Although frameless glass doors are considered more aesthetically pleasing and modern, many homeowners shy away from installing them in their homes due to safety concerns. In fact, all glass doors are tempered, improving their safety, with many frameless glass doors consisting of thicker and higher quality glass, which actually makes them safer and less prone to breakage overall. Frameless glass shower doors are more attractive and easier to maintain and clean than their framed counterparts.

Framed or Frameless?

So how do you weigh up the pros and cons and choose between framed or frameless glass doors? In the end, it all depends on your needs, budget, and the style and design you want to achieve in your home. The absence of a metal frame in the frameless door helps to make cleaning easier, and there is no risk of the metals degrading. Because of the degree of craftsmanship, precision and high quality glass that is needed for frameless doors or shower enclosures, these installations tend to be a little more expensive than their framed counterparts. However, the level of seamless beauty and modern style that they can add to a room or bathroom simply cannot be substituted.

Framed doors and shower enclosures can allow you to achieve the stunning look of a glass door for less cost, and can be incorporated into a range of designs and styles. You can also choose from semi-framed and sliding doors for more variation and flexibility.

Whether you decide to choose framed or frameless, glass doors add a touch of streamlined elegance, simplicity and beauty that is ideal for any contemporary home.


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