Glass shower enclosure

Summer is a popular time for home remodeling. The weather is beautiful and most people have a little extra free time to make use of the sunshine. If you’re thinking about updating your bathroom, why not design a custom glass shower enclosure? It’s easier than you might think. Use these tips to help you get started, then talk to a local glass company.

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Start with Measurements

When designing a glass shower enclosure, the first thing you need to do is take some measurements. If you’re starting from scratch with a new bathroom remodel, decide where you’d like the shower to go. Of course, this will be influenced by the layout of your plumbing. An experienced glass company can help with the more technical aspect of making sure you have exact measurements for your design.

Choose a Shape

How do you want your glass shower enclosure to be shaped? Bathrooms come in different shapes and sizes, so showers do too. For example, many showers are rectangular, but there are other options, like squares, half-circles, and semi-oval designs.

Glass Textures

You also have some variety to choose from when it comes to glass textures. Do you prefer the additional privacy that frosted glass provides, or do you like the more minimalist look of crystal-clear glass? Your glass shower enclosure can also be created from rain glass, glue chip, and other unique textures.

Select Fittings

Another thing to consider are your shower fittings. Traditional shower fittings are usually silver, but you don’t have to limit yourself to standard options. Brushed gold, brass, and rose gold have all become more popular in recent years, and can add an air of sophistication to your design.

Flooring Options

The flooring you choose for your bathroom remodel will also have a big impact on the look of your glass shower enclosure. Fiberglass and acrylic are two of the most common synthetic materials that are used for shower flooring. Although fiberglass is generally the cheapest option, it doesn’t tend to be very durable. Acrylic is less prone to cracks, yellowing, and mildew growth due to its coating. Stone and tile are natural flooring options for your shower enclosure if you prefer not to use synthetic materials. Tile is most often made of either ceramic or porcelain.

If you love to cook, you probably have a cast iron pan in your kitchen, but did you know that it’s also used in showers? Not only is it durable but it’s also cheaper than other common options, such as tile, and a porcelain enamel prevents it from rusting. Cast iron adds a rustic touch to any decor.

Glass Shower Enclosure

Shower doors are more versatile than ever before. When you’re ready to choose a new design to replace the glass shower enclosure you currently have in your bathroom, Pleasanton Glass is here to help. Our skilled technicians can give you expert advice and take care of the installation for you. Call us today to get started!


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