Can Double Paned Glass Be Repaired

Many homes in the Bay Area and surrounds have double paned glass in their windows are doors for its superior insulative and noise reduction qualities. Double paned glass windows, also known as double glazed windows consist of two panes of glass between which there is a hermetically sealed layer of air or gas. This double layer of glass with airspace provides better insulation for homes, reducing air-conditioning and heating costs, and reducing inner condensation in colder climates.

But double paned windows, doors and glass shopfronts are still made of glass, and are therefore subject to breakage and the need for repair. Many homeowners are confused about whether double paned glass can truly be repaired and restored to it’s original condition, or whether it needs to be completely replaced. Here we look at how to determine if your double pane glass can be repaired and how you can try to repair it.

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Evaluating The Damage

The first step in determining whether or not double paned glass can be repaired is assessing the level of damage to the glass and what will be required to repair it. If you have fog forming between the glass panes on your double paned windows, it’s a sign that the seal on your windows has failed and a repair will be required. If you can see visible cracks or breakage in one of the two panes of glass, that pane of glass will need to be replaced by your local glass company.

If both panes of glass are broken, it’s best to call your glass company and discuss whether window repair or window replacement will be the more appropriate option. In most cases, the glass company will be able to switch out the damaged panes and provide correctly matched replacement glass to your original window.

Today’s modern double paned windows can be quite complex and require specific skills in order to repair correctly, so always consult with a professional glazier before you think about repairing or replacing your windows.

Assessing the Window Type

Can Double Paned Glass Be Repaired1There is more than just one type of double paned window, so it’s important to assess exactly what type of window you have when considering glass repair. There are older and more modern forms of double paned glass that differ in their construction, so it’s important to understand this. Certain types of double paned windows have thin metal coatings on the exterior of the glass pane to prevent heat transfer and maximize insulative properties. Other double paned windows contain a certain type of gas in the airspace, whereas some windows just contain air. Knowing the difference between these variations in double paned glass will help you choose the right repair solution.

Is The Glass Old Or New?

If your windows are old, it may be worth considering glass replacement in the event of a breakage. Windows need to be considered as a whole unit, and even if it is only the glass that is broken, if your frames are older as well, they may need replacing to more modern and updated models. However, if your windows are new, it’s generally more economical to simply replace the damaged glass panes.

Consult Your Glass Company

Whenever you’re considering replacing or repairing the glass in your double paned windows, you should always consult with your local glass company in order to get expert advice on what solution is best for you.

It is possible to repair double paned windows; however, it might not always be the best (or only) choice for your unique needs. Inspect your windows carefully, assess the damage, and consult with your glass care company to get the glass repair solution that’s right for you.


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