Reasons You Need a Frameless Shower Door

Few things are more relaxing than a shower. The sound of water streaming, the feeling of warm steam, the opportunity to turn your mind off and relax, it’s all pretty great. But if you have a bathroom with a traditional shower door, there’s always something missing in your feeling immersed and relaxed. A frameless shower door is a wonderful solution to this problem, and here are seven reasons you need a frameless shower door.

The frameless shower door is a new trend in bathroom design, and there are many reasons why:

  1. They provide a way to create an immersive experience with a view of your surroundings. With a frameless door, you have a clear, unobstructed view of your bathroom and a sense of space without limits.
  2. In addition, frameless shower doors allow more light to filter through the door and add a sense of brightness to your bathroom.
  3. Frameless shower doors make the shower area appear more spacious. A framed shower door is bulky, which can sometimes restrict a smaller bathroom space. If you have space issues in your bathroom, this is a great way to open up the room.
  4. Frameless showers also have multiple glass and style options, which means whatever style you prefer works with your bathroom beautifully. You can choose a style with a track on top for easier cleaning, or you can choose a style that opens out like a regular door. Another option is having no door at all, and the frame acts as a wall or partition into your shower.
  5. Frameless shower doors are often a great way to add style to the bathroom. You can easily change the look of your shower by adding in different colored panels or even a glass door.
  6. A frameless shower door is much easier to clean than a traditional door because it doesn’t have a track that traps dirt. The absence of door tracks means it also won’t trap water and moisture, so you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew. You’ll achieve a cleaner, more organized bathroom with a frameless shower door.
  7. Frameless doors have been proven to be more secure than traditional doors. They have fewer parts (such as tracks) that are likely to be worn down and break, especially if you choose the partition option.

What to buy now?

Frameless shower doors are a stylish, modern solution that fully allows you to enjoy your showering experience. With over fifty years of high-quality service in the Tri-Valley area,  Pleasanton Glass Co. provides the best custom glass cuts, glass coloring, and installations, all with our Labor and Hardware guarantee.

So why wait? Contact Pleasanton Glass Co. today with any questions or general inquiries about our frameless shower doors!

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