5 Upgrades to Make Your Shower Functional and Beautiful

The shower is the centerpiece of many bathrooms and an essential part of our daily routines. Upgrading your shower can not only make your bathroom look more stunning and modern, it can create a more functional and practical bathroom space as well. Choosing the right shower upgrades can transform your dull and boring shower into a home oasis. Here are 5 of our favorite shower upgrades to make your home shower more beautiful and functional.

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1. Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Nothing brings down the tone of a bathroom like cheap plastic shower curtains or doors. Not to mention, these plastic doors are often a breeding ground for mold and bacteria and can even create a hazard for tripping or falling.

Installing frameless glass shower doors instantly makes your bathroom more modern, stylish and easy to clean. A quick wipe down of the dirt resistant glass surface is all that’s needed to keep your bathroom looking stunning. Glass shower doors are also ideal for installing in ledge-less shower basins. This makes them easier to use for aging family members and perfect for aging in place remodels.

2. Steam Shower Enclosure

A steam shower enclosure provides a real luxury addition to transform your humble bathroom into a home spa. A steam shower consists of a sealed, vapor proof glass enclosure installed around your shower. A steam shower enclosure allows you to retain steam from your shower within the enclosure or you can install an additional steam generator for a real steam room experience. Relaxing in your steam shower can help to loosen tense muscles, clear breathing, freshen your skin, and boost wellbeing for an all-around spa experience at home.

5 Upgrades to Make Your Shower Functional and Beautiful13. Add An Extra Showerhead

Additional showerheads allow jets of warm water to flow from all around you, creating an invigorating and refreshing shower experience. You can also upgrade your current showerhead to a rain shower head, a water-conserving shower head, or a detachable shower head for a different shower style. Each of these showerheads provides greater functionality with a more thorough and invigorating shower experience along with being adjustable and versatile so you can enjoy your ideal shower experience.

4. Install A Shower Bench

A shower bench invites a sense of relaxation and indulgence into your shower. A shower bench can be composed of the same tiles as your shower or even made from durable glass for a stunning contrast. A bench in your shower allows you to relax and enjoy the shower experience and is perfect for use with a steam shower or with additional showerheads.

5. Shower in Sunlight

Installing a skylight above your shower gives you the refreshing experience of bathing in sunlight when you have your morning shower. Natural sunlight provides a beautiful ambiance to your bathroom and allows you to reduce your reliance on electric lighting. A shower skylight can illuminate your entire bathroom if your shower has transparent glass doors or a glass enclosure that allows light to pass through. A ‘sun shower’ provides a truly beautiful and energizing experience that allows you maximize daylighting in your bathroom.

Making your shower more beautiful, functional and enjoyable can be simple. Add one or more of the above upgrades for a truly luxurious look and greater practicality for your shower.


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