4 Bathroom Design Mistakes You'll Never Make Again

A badly designed bathroom can make living in your home very uncomfortable. An unappealing bathroom is not just unattractive, it could have several issues logistically that simply make it difficult to use or worse, cause major issues throughout your house with plumbing, electricity or mold.

If you are in the process of building a new bathroom, remodeling, or just trying to put your finger on what needs to be improved in your current bathroom, check these 4 bathroom mistakes before you put your design ideas into action to save yourself from wasted time and money.

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1. Bad Décor

While a bathroom design that just looks bad isn’t disastrous in the same way as leaky plumbing or electrical faults, a décor mistake can still really let your bathroom down. Low quality plastic shower curtains or doors, bad tiles on the shower walls, and patterns and colors that are overwhelming and incongruous with the rest of your home are a definite no-no.

Instead opt for simple, streamlined and modern designs that are functional as well as beautiful. Glass shower walls and doors, or a glass tub enclosure are safe bets, being versatile, easy to clean and attractive. Choose a look that integrates well with the rest of your home, without being overly complicated.

2. Improper Installation

The bathroom is one place where you really want to bring in a professional to handle the intricate work. The combination of water, electricity, slippery surfaces and glass makes it unsurprising that 70% of accidents happen in the bathroom.

Consult with a professional to get all the components of your bathroom installed right. Go over again and again the piping, drainage, electricity and structure of your home to avoid potentially disastrous results.

3. Awkward Spacing

4 Bathroom Design Mistakes You'll Never Make Again1We’ve all been in a bathroom where the spacing feels so tight, it’s uncomfortable. While you may want to squeeze in as many features as possible, bathrooms tend to be the smallest rooms in the house, and trying to put too much in that small space is really going to be counterproductive.

Consider what you really need in your bathroom and compromise on the extras. If you want to indulge in something luxury, choose higher ends shower doors, décor and fixtures, and save on the hefty items. Maximize your available space by being smart about versatile fittings like a tub shower combo or frameless sliding shower doors that look great and save space.

4. Ignoring Your Needs

One of the most common mistakes when remodeling/building a bathroom or any area of the house is going for what’s trendy or ‘what works in your space’ rather than what you really want and need. When taking on a big project, it’s important to look to the long term and what you really want out of your bathroom, rather than just going for what seems good right now.

Try to avoid wild color schemes, statement pieces and anything too ‘out there’, especially when it comes to things you can’t remove easily yourself. You never know how you might feel about drastic changes next year, or later down the track if you decide to sell.


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